eavesdroppings on the 10:47 to london paddington

seventy-something man to fifty-something canadian woman: “you could break my heart, you could. you leave me, and i couldn’t carry on. life would be over.”

(repeated, quite loudly, from twyford to taplow. sadly, canadian woman’s response was inaudible.)


young man, watching an older woman bring her dog onto the train: “i’ve seen pigs on trains.”

young woman: “hamsters?”

young man: “no, pigs… and a sheep.”


thirty-something, buying a ticket: “and my pièce de résistance – a network rail card.”

conductor: “well, we’ll see what we can do.”


woman: so it’s not abroad then?

man: no.

woman: ireland is, it’s the same as ireland.

man: southern ireland is a separate country, but northern island isn’t.

woman: but wales is.

man: it’s not. you don’t need a passport to get to wales, do you?

woman: you used to.

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